Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top Five Albums of 2009 – #2

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#2 – Train: Save Me, San Francisco

I’ve always had a soft spot for Train, but I’ve always wanted them to make an ALBUM – not trade on several good singles with some so-so filler. This album is what I always thought they could do from the brilliance of popular singles like Drops of Jupiter and Meet Virginia to lesser known gems like I Am and Save the Day. Through a variety of styles (from simple acoustic guitar in Marry Me to the brilliant mash up with the Doobie Brothers’ Black Water in I Got You), it paints the many facets of love on the canvas of San Francisco – the bay, the food, the wine, the cable cars. Maybe that's why it rose so high among my favorites this year since I'm convinced that San Francisco is the most romantic place I've ever been (screw Paris, they got nothin' on San Fran).

Favorite Lyrics:
  1. “An open bar can open your mind.”
  2. “We were way before our time, as bold as we were blind. Just another perfect mistake, another bridge to take on the way to letting go.”
  3. “I never knew all that I had, now Alcatraz don't sound so bad…at least they'd have a hella fine merlot.”
  4. "You throw me in the fire just to save my life a pretty little liar, when I call you out you'd rather put up a fight than just come clean."
Favorite Tracks: 
  1. This Ain’t Goodbye
  2. Marry Me 
  3. You Already Know 
  4. I Got You

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