Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top Five Albums of 2010 - Brendan James

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#1 – Brendan James
And we’re finally here loyal readers (all three of you) – my top album pick for 2010. While I was perusing iTunes one day, this album came up as a suggestion. I went, “Holy crap! When did my brother find time to record an album?” I figured any singer/songwriter that shared a name with my brother was worth the risk (though I have a strict no-impulse buying rule on iTunes). Boy am I glad I took that risk! Technically his sophomore album, Brendan James captures the sweet spot of some of my favorite singer/songwriter music. First, I’m a sucker for guys who play piano. His style is reminiscent of older pop-piano players (Billy Joel, Elton John), but his vocal tone has a smooth contemporary R&B feel. His melodies are catchy with hooks that stick in your head for days. As a whole, the album comprises solid songwriting, introspective lyrics, and a wonderful journey through life’s ups and downs. It plays heavily on themes of nostalgia and memory (Coming Up, The Fall, Get It Right), with a strong emphasis on living in the moment, seizing the day (Nothing for Granted, Emerald Sky, The Lucky Ones). The tone is hopeful, seeing the past as a way to understand the present, looking toward the future – being able to see your place in relationships/life in a way that helps you learn and grow from experience. It will be a lifetime favorite, one that captures this moment (2010) of my life pretty accurately.

Favorite Lyrics
  1. “Love your future, love your past, love your body it’s all you have/Love your secrets bottled up, but love them more when you give them up.”
  2. “Love is never supposed to be a present under our tree, I do it because I believe.”
  3. “Nothing like a storm in your heart to wake you up, someone by your side and you know they’re not enough.”
  4. “Thinkin’ ‘bout what I could lose and what I should save. I’ll be the first one to say I was caught up in something, something so bad it was wasting our good life away.”
Favorite Tracks
  1. Emerald Sky
  2. Coming Up
  3. Nothing For Granted
  4. Let It Rain
  5. The Fall

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