Friday, February 11, 2011

Top Five Albums of 2010 - Locksley, Be In Love

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#2 – Locksley – Be In Love
I misplaced this album in my head because I associate it with winter, and the indie pop/rock turn in '09 to showcasing a “retro”-vibe for records. Most of these came up short for me, interesting for a time, but certainly not standing the test of it. Locksley hit just the right combination on their sophomore album (released early '10), Be In Love. I enjoyed parts of their first album, but was hoping the sound would gel more on their second effort – and it’s fantastic. It’s got up-tempo work that winks to old school British pop, classic punk, and some of the feel-good rock music of the 80s. One of the best parts of the album is taking the simplicity of the theme – love – and telling its story like a kaleidoscope. From the overly romantic, honeymoon period songs (Love You Too, Days of Youth), to day-to-day strains of relationships (One More Minute, On Fire, The Way That We Go) to more reflective songs capturing how love fits in with the rest of a life (21st Century, The World Isn’t Waiting). The textures and tones throughout the album are varied enough to be interesting, but not so erratic as to be sporadic. Should they come tour anywhere near me, I’ll be one of the first in line for a ticket.

Favorite Lyrics
  1. “Nothing works out just like the plans we made – nobody gives, and if you want it you take.”
  2. “I'm cut through, cut in two pieces of the people that would love to love you.”
  3. “Take the sadness from your gaze and all the bad thoughts I'll erase, hold your body to the sun ‘til the sun has come and gone.”
Favorite Tracks
  1. 21st Century (brilliant)
  2. The Whip (infectious)
  3. One More Minute
  4. It Isn’t Love

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